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Mission of the Liberta Group

Our company's mission is to show and provide the clients, both businesses and individuals, with a new quality of service related to unlimited, ecological water consumption. Our system is a smart solution, an idea implemented in countries around the world. Water is life. This phrase is especially powerful for us.

We offer environmentally-friendly solutions that minimize the use of plastic bottles on a mass scale. We are involved in pro-ecological campaigns, we educate.

As a group of specialists with extensive experience in the water industry, we tested many devices, filters, learned about various water purification techniques and chose the ones that we consider the best. Our devices are manufactured in Poland and European countries, are certified and made of food-grade materials. We want to be sure that the points of use from which our customers drink water are safe and the water is always fresh. Thanks to a few details such as temperature, cooling method, properly selected filters, materials used inside the devices, appropriate sanitization, closed, hermetic dosing system (without drawing air in), we achieve the best water taste, comparable to that of water from natural mountain springs.

What we do is our passion. We talk to each client, listening to their needs, and then prepare an tailor-made offer. We put special emphasis on the quality of our services and focus on the comfort of our clients.

We promote a family atmosphere at work and professionalism in customer service. We provide services to clients from all over Poland, we cooperate with water supply companies, and we ourselves, our families and our friends also use the WATERPOINT System. Can you get a better endorsement? We recommend something we believe in.

On October 16, 2018, our company was awarded in the "Company of the Year 2018" competition "Local Governments - Entrepreneurs" organized by the Municipal Office in Bielsko-Biała, Poviat Starosty in Bielsko-Biała and the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielsko-Biała.

In business, we focus on the following triad of goals and values
First: Freedom

We believe that freedom of action and freedom of thought build bridges at border points, shaping the solutions for tomorrow.

Second: Trust

We make every effort to ensure that our relations with the client are based on mutual trust, which we want to build together at every stage of business cooperation.

Third: Growth

The company grows as fast as the people working for it. We do not accept stagnation because the world is changing constantly. Growth is an endless road, and we make sure that each of our employees follows it as quickly as possible. We respect traditional solutions which are our signpost to development.

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Regionalna Izba Handlu i Przemysłu w Bielsku-Białej