Implementation of the Waterpoint System


Checking the technical and quality conditions for the selected location
Analysis of hydraulic conditions - checking the pressure, technical condition of the installation, selection of the connection point.
Qualitative analysis of water from the intake and after the treatment by the supplier of tap water - characteristics of the intake (groundwater, surface water), summary of the quality parameters of raw water from the intake and after treatment in the water supply company.
Water quality analysis at the customer's nearest connection point - analyzes of the water supply company database (from the monitoring) + control tests performed by the GL service (selected quality parameters).

Filter selection

Selection of the water filtration system and installation of the connection
Analysis of hydraulic parameters - design of the connection (pressure regulation, protection in case of failure).
Analysis of qualitative parameters - selection of treatment technology (sedimentation filtration, microfiltration, adsorption/dechlorination, UV sanitization).
Water testing after system implementation - tests (physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic) of water after the filtering set.

Device selection

Customer preferences - hot, chilled, natural, sparkling water.
Device type - specific user conditions (office, school, production plant, healthcare facility, individual customer, etc.). Discover our solutions.
Device standard - environmental conditions for the device operation (office, production hall, school), economic calculation, aesthetics, additional options (cup dispenser, water bottles).


Filters replacement at least every 6 months
Filter replacement at least every 6 months
Hydraulic tests, washing and sanitization, checking the leaktightness and operation of the waterblock system.
Device operation tests - control of the achieved parameters (hot and chilled water temperature, optionally CO2 saturation).
Water quality control at the Waterpoint device tap at the Customer's premises: taste, smell, turbidity, color and a quick microbiological test.
Tests in an accredited external laboratory - testing of selected physico-chemical parameters - microbiological tests.
Monitoring of quality parameters - tests before and after each filter replacement.
Sanitization every 6 months and after intervention causing unsealing of the installation.
Optional, additional paid water quality test at Customer's request.
Optional, paid water quality control following reported water system outages.