Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Waterpoint System as the water source for my workplace?
  • Water from the Waterpoint system is cheaper than water in 19-liter bottles.
  • In the Waterpoint System, water is available in any quantity at any time - and only depends on the availability of water from the municipal network. No longer worry about running out of water due to supplier failure - you have your own system for preparing excellent fresh drinking water.
  • The quality of water from the Waterpoint System is as good as that offered in 19-liter bottles, and in many cases better (in Waterpoint, there is no migration of organic compounds from plastic packaging to water).
Which are some of the Customers for which the Waterpoint system works best?
  • The System works best for all groups of Customers who want to have constant access to high-quality water and who use water regularly. These are mainly: workplaces, offices, hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, schools, universities.
Is it safe to use water treated in the Waterpoint System?
  • The Waterpoint filtration system uses the knowledge and experience of many generations in the field of drinking water preparation and combines it with the latest technological achievements in the production of quality filters. The filtration system used in Waterpoint solution eliminates impurities in the water, but does not remove its natural minerals (so-called elements of life) and maintains its naturally generated bicarbonate balance, which is of great importance for the proper functioning of the human body.
Is Waterpoint System environmentally friendly to use? Yes, the Waterpoint System is environmentally friendly because:
  • It does not pollute the air - no more unnecessary burning of fuel to bring water to places where there is an abundance of it
  • It does not generate waste - Waterpoint System does require producing huge amount of plastic packaging
  • It does not pollute the environment with chemicals, because it does not require the use of large amounts of cleaning and disinfecting agents as is the case with 19-liter bottles supply systems.
Does the Waterpoint System use reverse osmosis principles in the water preparation process?
  • The system does not use reverse osmosis processes. The reverse osmosis system is a modern technology, but dedicated to treatment of water for industrial purposes, technical and laboratory applications, not drinking water. Adaptation of this technology to the preparation of drinking water is justified only in extreme conditions, when no other possibilities of access to water with natural properties are available.
What is the performance of the Waterpoint System filter devices?
  • Output for water cooled to 8-12 degrees Celsius - 7.2 l/h
  • Output for hot water heated to 92-95 degrees Celsius - 8.1 l/h
  • Output of room temperature water device - 120 l/h
What water filters are installed inside the Waterpoint filtering points of use?
  • The devices use a professional filtration system that eliminates harmful substances, bacteria, unpleasant smell, color and taste, while maintaining all water components that have a positive effect on health and the good taste of water.
  • Both the devices and filters are made of food-grade materials. Filters are made of materials approved by the NSF (National Sanitisation Foundation) and are recycled.
How much filtered water can be obtained from the water filters used in the Waterpoint System filter points of use?
  • The filters are able to filter 5,000 liters of water.
How does the water filter system in the points of use work?
  • Waterpoint Systems, as standard, feature a filtration system based on coarse and fine filtration, down to the level of 0.5 micrometers, and a silver-modified active carbon adsorption filter, which ensures very good taste of water, free of contamination and unpleasant chlorine odor. Water in the Waterpoint System is protected against microbial contamination.
Is the system available with sparkling water option?
  • Yes. The Waterpoint can be equipped with a carbonator to saturate the water with CO2 gas.
What is the operating cost of the filter devices?
  • The monthly fee includes all operating costs such as filter replacement, sanitization and periodic inspections which are covered by the Service Provider. In addition, we guarantee continuous operation of the device, which means that in the event of a failure we assure free service or replacement of the device, if necessary.
What does sanitization according to the Waterpoint System standards involve?
  • The process of sanitizing the filtering device consists in disinfecting the water system. Sanitization is performed each time together with the replacement of filters.
What is included in the monthly fee for using the Waterpoint filter point of use?
  • The process of sanitizing the filtering device consists in disinfecting the water system. Sanitization is performed each time together with the replacement of filters.
What is included in the monthly fee for using the Waterpoint filter point of use?
  • Analysis of the available water before installing the system.
  • Optimum selection of a set of filters and their regular replacement every 6 months
  • Selection of the device depending on the expected functionality. The devices are offered in three basic categories: economic, standard and standard plus package
  • Regular service (replacement of filters, sanitization of the device) combined with an analysis of the water quality after using the system
Who pays the cost of connecting the water filtering device?
  • Installation is free of charge if a standard rental agreement is concluded.
How to order a Waterpoint System?
  • To order a Waterpoint System, please contact our Customer Service Center at +48 33 845 90 83