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Water filtering points of use

What is the Waterpoint System?

The system uses bottle-free point-of-use dispensers that provide hot, cold, room-temperature or sparkling water, ready for consumption. The system is based on connecting the dispenser to the existing water supply network and filtering the water immediately before consumption, which guarantees the safety and freshness.

The Waterpoint System provides access to quality drinking water. The Waterpoint System devices improve the taste of water from the water supply system so that it can be compared to the refreshing water springing from natural intakes of original purity.

Waterpoint System is a modern drinking water supply solution for:

The WATERPOINT System is based on the POU (Point of Use) principle, i.e. filtration and preparation of drinking water at the point of use, which minimizes the risk of secondary contamination, gives a sense of freshness and good taste. The new generation of dispensers provides the previously missing link in the drinking water supply chain in collective water supply systems. The use of an effective set of water filters allows for final mechanical, chemical and, in some cases, microbiological cleaning of the water. Our principle is to use such techniques as not to disturb the natural composition of minerals in the water!

This solution guarantees unlimited access to water without the need to replace the bottles, purchase sparkling water, store water supplies, heat water to make tea or coffee, and dispose of plastic packaging.


non-invasive installation, constant water availability, functionality of the device tailored to the Customer's needs


much less expensive and without quantity restrictions


optimization of water parameters just before consumption with its periodic control


no deliveries, no polycarbonate packaging, using ecological filter sets